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About Comporium

Headquartered in Rock Hill, SC, Comporium began as a telephone company in 1894. It now provides a variety of fiber, cable, Wi-Fi, home and mobile phone and home security options.

What we like

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    Symmetrical upload and download speeds with fiber connections.

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    There are several customizable bundle options.

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    No termination fees or contracts are required.

Things to consider

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    Introductory rates are for 12 months, after that prices increase considerably.

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    Only available in select areas of South and North Carolina.

Comporium fiber plans and pricing

The available speed and types of bundles can vary across the service area. Fiber is also not available in all areas that Comporium is available.

PlanSpeedStarting priceYear two pricing
Essential Internet100 Mbps$39.94/mo.$49.94/mo.
Standard Internet400 Mbps$49.95/mo.$78.94/mo.
Ultra Internet600 Mbps$55.99/mo.$88.94/mo.
Zipstream Internet1,000 Mbps$75.99/mo.$104.94/mo.
Zipstream 2 Gig2,000 Mbps$119.94/mo.n/a
Zipstream 5 gig5,000 Mbps $134.94/mo.n/a

*Availability varies and speeds shown may not be available at all service addresses. Updated 03/29/24.

Comporium internet contracts, equipment and fees

Comporium charges a one-time $49.99 fee for installation and an $88 security deposit. There are no contracts or early termination fees.

The monthly internet pricing does include a modem. Any additional equipment for services like Premium Wi-Fi may incur an additional fee.

Comporium availability

Comporium is a regional internet provider in parts of North Carolina, including sections of Mecklenburg County and Brevard. Areas in South Carolina include Aiken, Calhoun, Chester, Edgefield, Lancaster, Lexington, Orangeburg, Saluda, Tega Cay and York.

Comporium TV and mobile plans

Comporium’s TV service is Stream HD with 100-plus channels that include top-rated channels, DVR service, Video On Demand and Watch TV Everywhere. The levels include Basic, HD Basic Plus, HD Digital Variety and Premium.

Channels include Animal Planet, HGTV, FX, Discovery, FOX, ESPN and many others. You can also add on premium services, like NFL RedZone and HBO.

Mobile phone service

Comporium partners with AT&T to provide mobile phone plans starting at $35.99/mo. With unlimited data or pay-as-you-go AT&T plans.

Comporium bundling or TV service

Comporium offers many varieties of bundles, including internet with TV or home/mobile phones, home security and more.

BundlePriceInternet speedAdditional serviceBundle savings
Internet & TV$99.99/mo.400 Mbps• Stream HD Basic Plus Package w/100 channels$99.85/mo.
Internet & TV$177.99/mo. 600 Mbps• Stream HD Basic Plus Package w/100 channels$31.85/mo.
Internet, TV & Security$217.99/mo.600 Mbps• Stream HD Basic Plus Package w/100+ Channels
• Includes 2 Streams and 20 hours DVR
• Smart Home Security
Internet, TV & Phone$193.99/mo.600 Mbps• Stream HD Basic Plus Package w/100+ Channels
• Includes 2 Streams and 20 hours DVR
• Unlimited local calling
Internet, TV & Phone$114.99/mo.400 Mbps• Stream HD Basic Plus Package w/100+ Channels
• Includes 2 Streams and 20 hours DVR
• Unlimited national calling

Comporium customer service

You can reach out to Comporium’s customer service online, in person or over the phone:

You can reach our support team by phone at 888-403-2667. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, by phone and chat.

  • To speak with someone in the Midlands, SC office, call (803) 894-3121.
  • To speak with someone at the Brevard, NC office, call (828) 884-9011.
  • To speak with someone in the Chesnee, SC office, call (864) 461-2211.
  • To find a retail location nearest you, see

Options to pay your Comporium bill:

  • Online payment at My Comporium Account
  • Automatic bank draft payments, call (888) 403-2667 or online at
  • Automatic credit card drafts, call (888) 403-2667 or online at
  • Call and make a one-time payment by credit card over the phone at (803)326-5511
  • Mail payment in the envelope provided to: P.O. Box 1042, Rock Hill SC 29731-7042
  • Drop payment off at any retail location
  • Chesnee subscribers can call (864) 461-2211 or (888) 403-2667

Comporium’s internet compared to other internet providers

In the areas of North and South Carolina that are serviceable by Comporium, there aren’t many other choices of fiber or cable providers other than Spectrum. T-Mobile does offer some coverage for 5G Home Internet and Hughesnet is available for satellite.

Comporium$39.94-$134.94/mo.100 to 5,000 MbpsFiber/cable
Spectrum$49.99-$79.99/mo.100 to 1,000 MbpsFiber/cable
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet$30.00-$50.00/mo.Up to 245 Mbps5G home internet
Hughesnet$49.99 – $124.99/mo.50 to 100 MbpsSatellite

Finding the right internet provider

Whether you pick Comporium for its fiber or cable connections or try 5G or satellite internet, it’s important to have the speed that suits your needs. Allconnect can help you compare providers near you side-by-side.

Comporium internet FAQs

How do I know if Comporium is available at my address?Comporium Internet Review 2024 | Allconnect (6)

Not every provider is available at every address, even within the same neighborhoods, so check your address to see which ISPs are available for you.

Comporium has fiber and cable internet, along with TV and phone services. They also provide DSL in some areas that fiber and cable are unavailable.

Yes, you can buy an internet plan without bundling it with any of Comporium’s other services.

For all bundles:Cannot be combined with other bundles or promotions. Some restrictions apply and may be subject to a credit check. Rates do not include taxes and fees. Some bundles may be subject to a rate increase.
For bundles including Internet:Free Installation for 1 Internet Connection Point and 1 Phone Jack. Advanced wiring and/or connection of more devices may result in additional installation charges. Internet speeds are provided as “up to” a package offering and are subject to a variety of external factors. Actual speeds may vary and the replacement of current customer based wireless router equipment may be necessary. Older networking devices that utilize 802.11b may limit Internet speeds. For more information, contact our tech support group at866-843-9444.
For bundles including TV:Free Installation for up to 3 TVs. Must have a TV with a built-in QAM tuner if bundle include Basic Plus (applies to Basic Plus only). If converters are required, additional rates will apply.
For bundles including Phone:Local service rates do not include standard applicable taxes and fees that apply to all regulated telephone lines. (Such as Federal End User Access Charge, LNP End User Basic Charge, 911, Dual Party Relay Service Charge, Federal Universal Service Charge, and State Universal Service Charge). All published rates subject to change. Comporium’s regulated services are sold subject to terms and conditions contained in applicable tariffs and contracts. Any inconsistencies between terms, conditions and pricing information presented on this website and such tariffs and contracts will be resolved in favor of the tariffs and contracts.
For bundles including Security:$99 installation fee required for ReadyHome System.

Residential internet terms and conditions, read here.

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Comporium Internet Review 2024 | Allconnect (2024)


What is the rating of comporium? ›

Ranking an average score of 1.31 out of 5, Comporium has received 38 complaints in the last three years.

Does Comporium throttle the internet? ›

Comporium internet services do not have any data caps. However, if a subscriber's high bandwidth usage impacts other subscribers in that area, Comporium reserves the right to engage the customer to minimize the disruption to others.

What speed is Comporium internet? ›

With download speeds up to 1 Gbps, Zipstream is the premier High Speed Internet Package at Comporium. Zipstream 1 Gigabit service allows you to download an entire HD movie in less than a minute, stream video games on your network without interruption, and download a thousand songs in about 30 seconds.

What type of internet is Comporium? ›

Comporium offers three types of internet service to our subscribers. The three internet service types are Fiber, Cable Modem, and DSL.

How does comporium TV work? ›

Much like other streaming apps and services you're used to watching, Stream TV is downloaded and streamed over our Internet service to compatible connected devices like Smart TVs and/or streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, computers, tablets & smartphones.

What's the phone number for Comporium? ›

Why is Comporium so slow today? ›

If you've run a speed test and the results show that you're getting the correct speeds, but your internet still feels slow, it could be due to exceeding your current bandwidth with the number of devices in your home. Don't worry, you can upgrade your current speed package by clicking here.

How can I tell if someone is throttling my internet? ›

Signs of Internet Throttling
  1. Some websites are blocked or don't work right.
  2. Download speeds have slowed.
  3. Certain websites or services are slower than others.
  4. Streams buffer or lag.
  5. Your internet speeds slow down from time to time.
  6. Your Wi-Fi connection breaks or gives a choppy signal.
Jun 12, 2024

Is it illegal for internet providers to throttle internet? ›

Is Throttling Legal? Throttling an internet connection is like a sneaky business that shortchanges its customers. Nonetheless, throttling is a legal practice, as long as ISPs adequately explain it to their customers. On the other hand, failure to inform customers about throttling is illegal.

What is a respectable Internet speed? ›

A good download speed is at least 100Mbps, and a good upload speed is at least 10 Mbps. With 100Mbps, you can stream movies, attend Zoom meetings, and play games online all on several devices at the same time. Some people can get away with fewer Mbps, and others need more.

Who is Comporium owned by? ›

E. L. and Mary Barnes bought the company in 1912; their great-grandchildren still run the company today.

What is a reasonable Internet speed? ›

A good rule of thumb is that download speeds of at least 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps are widely considered fast enough to handle nearly any online activity.

Does AT&T own Comporium? ›

Rock Hill Telephone Company, Inc. has a 66.5 percent direct ownership interest in Comporium and a 99.06 percent indirect ownership interest in Comporium. No other company or individual has a greater than 10 percent indirect ownership interest in Tide Mobility through Comporium. AT&T Inc. AT&T Teleholdings, Inc.

How do I cancel my Comporium service? ›

If you'd like to cancel your service, call Customer Service (888-403-2667) to get started.

Is 600 Mbps fast? ›

600 Mbps WiFi is great for streaming 4K videos, online gaming across multiple devices, video conferencing, downloading large media files and working from home. If you're concerned that 600 Mbps won't be enough, look into higher speeds, like 1500 Mbps.

Is Fiber internet throttled? ›

Fiber, DSL and cable networks are good bets as these ISPs generally don't throttle users' internet.

Do Internet providers throttle your router? ›

All ISPs throttle bandwidth to some extent in order to manage network traffic. For example, a single fiber line that serves multiple neighborhoods may throttle speeds in order to distribute bandwidth evenly. This kind of throttling is necessary for ISPs to mitigate the slowdowns caused by network congestion.

How do I get rid of internet throttling? ›

How do I stop bandwidth throttling?
  1. Upgrade your internet plan: If you consistently exceed your data cap, it might be worth upgrading to a plan with a higher limit or unlimited data.
  2. Contact your ISP: Talk to your ISP directly to see whether they're throttling you, for what reason, and what can be done about it.

Why does my internet throttle so much? ›

One of the reasons why ISPs throttle internet speeds is due to too much network traffic. Once network traffic returns to regular levels, the internet speed is no longer throttled. Waiting for non-peak hours will make it less likely that your high-bandwidth service will be interrupted.

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