International CE Driver + Tank ADR Near Rotterdam – Olanda (2024)

International CE Driver + Tank ADR
Near Rotterdam – Olanda

This offer is available for the period 15.03.2021 – 15.04.2021 or till the positions are fulfilled.
Basic job info
Truck Driver C+E with basic ADR
Date of start
Number of drivers needed = 3
Main responsibility
Transporting all kinds of goods with mainly between – port of Rotterdam, port of Antwerp and the Ruhr region.
Possible trailers
Tank container
International trips in Benelux, Germany, sometimes France
Communication via the Board Computer (BC). Start of the job most of the time every Monday early in the morning. Seldom - Sunday night. The driver gets all information about work schedule via the Board Computer (BC) – for example: where to pick an empty container or information about the destination to pick up a full one. The drivers work within the triangle – the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ruhr region (DE), sometimes also to France.
The drivers have to take their (legal) breaks during the day! Stick to the driving hours law – respect the tacho!
Planners take care that the drivers come back to the base at the end of the week (sometimes it happens that a driver has to stay away from the base for a weekend – paid of course).
With loading/unloading – all drivers need to follow clients’ procedures.
Number of addresses a day
That is very different. Could be 1 or 3 a day.
Work schedule
Different systems possible from 6:2 up, preferred longer periods of work in Holland if possible.
Working Period
The whole year, without any interruptions
Transport to the Netherlands
By own car or plain
Place of departure (start work)
Near Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Transport from housing to work
No housing, the driver sleeps in the truck. Facilities available at the base.

Driving license
Valid C+E License
Additional courses
Code95/Driver Qualification Card + Tank ADR
Additional papers
An Electronic Drivers Card  Digital Tachograph Card
Experience as a truck driver
Min. 24 months of experience with driving C+E
Knowledge of foreign languages
Min. B Level German, or B2 English.
Communicating by Board Computer and a company phone Experience with a box (container chassis) is a must(!!) – so either with a sea container or a tank container. Experience in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ruhr region is a must(!!)
Well Organised, Motivated, very Communicative In the first year a new driver has to accept the fact that he will switch between trucks every 2-3 weeks on average.
Min. 1 good reference from a previous employer

Salary information
Basic salary: € 13,13 (D2 if a candidate has experience)
Reservations (extra): 10,34% paid holiday & 8% holiday money (5 weeks/year of paid holiday)
Overtime percentages: Basic overtime: 130% / Saturday: 150% / Sunday: 200%
Total working hours per week: 55 (around 10 – 12 hours a day)
Collective Labour Agreement: TLN (
Compensations: Subsistence allowance, night surcharge
Weekly salary after costs
€ 900 – 950 average net (depends on the working hours) + reservations ( on
top is holiday money, paid holiday and ADV)
Weekly costs: Health insurance € 24,89,-
Payment of salary: Every week

Additional Information
For our Dutch client near Rotterdam we are looking for International CE Truck Drivers with tank-container ADR experience (CHEMICAL Liquids). This company is transporting all kinds of goods with tank containers, mainly between the ports of Rotterdam (Holland), Antwerp (Belgium) and Ruhr region (Germany). A candidate must have experience with those places and experience with a tank container.
We are looking for very well motivated drivers with good communication skills in the English language. Most of the communication is via the Board Computer and the company phone (each driver gets his own company phone).
Almost every weekend the drivers are at the base. They can cook, eat and shower there (facilities available).
There are already Polish and Romanian drivers in the company, it means that they know what to expect from the foreign workers and also that new drivers must fit in the team.
What is also important is that drivers must be neat and handle the documents with care, both with loading and unloading. They need to obey instructions given by operators at clients’ places (for example where to stop, help a little with hoses and so on) and let the operators do their job.
ATENTIE!!! Inainte de angajare se va sustine un interviu cu angajatorul in care se verifica cunostintele conversationale de limba engleza / germana ale candidatului.

Urmariti ofertele noastre si pe paginile de Facebook: Brains Consulting sau Soferi profesionisti UE.
Asteptam CV-ul dumneavoastra in limba engleza sau germana + copie CI + copie atesta C+ E

la adresa de email: Pt informatii suplimentare – 0729478762, 0733733511

International CE Driver + Tank ADR  Near Rotterdam  – Olanda (2024)
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