Items - Four suggestions for (hopefully) balanced Talisman. (2024)

The Catch-Up Talisman chain:
The first suggestion I have was inspired by the recent addition of the Magic 8 Ball item, which was reported in patch notes as having been added to help give indecisive players a suggestion of which grind they might want to do that day.

This talisman, at least in my concept of it, would work like the Treasure Ring or the Jerry Talisman chain, where you need to craft multiple of one tier of the talisman together to create the next tier.
This talisman would have 4 tiers:
Talisman(Common) Ring(Uncommon) Artifact(Rare) Relic(Epic)

The bonus given by this talisman would be applied based on whichever non-cosmetic skill the player has the least experience in, with the Talisman granting 2 wisdom for the skill, the ring 3, the artifact 4 and the relic 5.

The intent behind this idea is mainly to encourage players to diversify what they do in the game, experiment with all skills, etc.

As far as obtaining this talisman, I had a couple of ideas.
The first one was to add it to the Spider slayer loot table at a low chance. This would actually give people a better reason to grind Spider slayer, as it is currently not worth the time of most players.
Alternatively, it could be added to the loot table of all non-rift slayers at an extremely low chance (I'm thinking twice as rare as a Judgement core) so that you can rarely get it while grinding and not be stuck doing Spider slayer for it.
I'm also open to hear ideas on where you think it would fit in!

Looting Talisman:
The second suggestion I have today is going to be a bit controversial I think, but here goes.
At the moment, while there are "Slayer Bonus Rewards" for reaching level 6 and level 7 in the first three slayers, beyond that is lacking.

My ideas for obtaining this talisman would be either to add another level to that and make it a reward for reaching level 8 in the first three slayers, or potentially expand on it to make it a reward for reaching level 7 in all non-rift slayers, not just the first three.

This talisman would be called the Looting Talisman, be co-op soulbound, and provide +1 magic find to the bearer. I'm thinking possibly Rare rarity too.

This again encourages some diversifying, because a lot of players just won't have gotten all of their slayers up that high. I know it's almost a meme at this point that skyblock players would do anything for +1 magic find, and I guess this would be a good test of that.

Purest Crystal Talisman:
My third and penultimate suggestion of the day is perhaps most similar to my first suggestion here in terms of giving the player more choice in diversifying grinds, and it would encourage more players to do more Nucleus runs.
Perhaps making the core ingredient for this half as rare as an Alloy normally ends up being (1/8,000 I believe, so 1/4,000 for this) would be fair, as it isn't exactly a weak talisman. This core ingredient might be called a Pure Crystal.

The Purest Crystal talisman, crafted from a Pure Crystal and 512 Crystal Fragments, adding another use to an old feature, would provide the player with the following buffs:
+1 mining speed. +1 mining fortune. +1 farming fortune. +1 foraging fortune. +1 fishing speed. +0.1 sea creature chance. +0.1 pristine.

Now you may be thinking that is quite a lot of stats to put on one talisman, and you'd be right. However, given how rare I propose this talisman should be and how small (by comparison) the buff from those stats would be, it feels balanced to me. I'd love to hear what you think!

Rabbit Warrior talisman:
My fourth and final suggestion for this post, and yes I know it's been a long one I do apologise, aims to give a more practical use to the new Rabbit Factory.
As I type this, it was updated only yesterday and given a bunch of new things to buy with chocolate, but a lot of this will only appeal to players who farm.
Don't get me wrong, it's still a cool update and a nice mechanic to play with, but the Chocolate Shop still feels a little lacking for the majority of players.

There is a small precedent for this in the game already, in the form of the Divan Pendant and the "of power" Talisman line.
My suggestion is to add a talisman to the Chocolate Shop called the Rabbit Warrior talisman, which could have a basic base stat buff such as +1 crit chance and +1 health, and have a Combat Gemstone Slot in it.
This does sound pretty powerful, which is why I suggest this talisman to be of Common rarity, to minimize the power of the gemstone placed in it.
As far as pricing of this talisman goes, I'd suggest 60b chocolate, a higher price than any current items in the shop and the current limit of max chocolate.

In conclusion:
These are all just some fun suggestions I thought of recently, that I think might be balanced in the way I have suggested them. I'll be amazed if even one of these is ever even considered by the admins, but it's food for thought for us as the community too. I'd love to hear what you think, but please keep discussion here positive. Thank you.

Items - Four suggestions for (hopefully) balanced Talisman. (2024)
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