Minivision2+ Mobile Phone | RNIB (2024)

If you have been searching everywhere for an easy-to-use talking phone that meets your basic needs, look no further! The MiniVision2+ mobile phone features audio voice guidance and large, high contrast, tactile buttons so you can navigate your new phone with ease. Making calls and sending text messages to your loved ones just got a whole lot easier with voice commands. The MiniVision2+ is an unlocked 4G phone.

Phone calls

Make and receive phone calls using the talking keypad or voice commands. There is also a caller ID announcement for incoming calls. Programme your most dialled numbers into speed dial for ease of access as and when you need them.

Voice guide

MiniVision2+ will speak everything on the screen and everything you press, providing complete independence and accessibility. It will also speak items like caller ID and battery level. Multiple languages and voices are available to choose from, making your phone even more personal to you.


Add and edit your contacts independently by navigating through the talking menus. Your contacts information will be read aloud as you scroll through the menu.

Voice commands

Place phone calls, send text messages, add contacts, or record notes using voice commands.

Easy-to-see, ergonomic keypad

The ergonomic keyboard is designed to be intuitive to use, with large, black buttons that are well-spaced and contrast with the white case. Numbers and text on the buttons are bold and white. The OK button is a textured to make it easy to identify; and the five key, power button, and call button each have prominent bumps.

SOS button

A dedicated SOS button on the back of the phone triggers a call to emergency contacts, meaning help is never far from reach should you need it!

Text messages

Send and receive messages using the talking keypad or by voice command. Incoming messages can also be read aloud.

Customisation of the display

The screen display can be customised to show text or icons. You can choose from four text sizes, five fonts, and six colour contrasts, as well as the option of a bold display, and choice of text scrolling speed and delay.

Other capabilities

Other accessible features include alarm, calendar, FM radio, colour identifier, voice memos, calculator, notes, flashlight, where am I?, camera, photo album and weather. All of which can be read aloud using the talking menus.

For more details about this product, check the product instructions manual (in the User Guides tab) to help you decide if this product is suitable for you.


  • Mobile phone with voice controls and voice guidance.
  • Physical keypad with large, high contrast, tactile buttons.
  • Text-to-speech voice guide with multiple languages and voices.
  • Dedicated SOS button with customisable settings.
  • Flash LED and 2MP camera.
  • Speakers: back port loudspeaker.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Finish, Croatian.
  • Colour: white phone with black buttons.
  • Size: 125 × 60 × 13.5mm (4.92 × 2.36 × 0.53 inches).
  • Weight: 103g (3.63oz).

Battery and charger

  • Battery: Li-ion 1600 mAh.
  • Stand-by up to 200 hours.
  • Talk time up to seven hours.

Technical data

  • Screen size/pixels: 2.3-inch (240 × 320 pixels).
  • Memory (RAM/ROM): RAM 512MB, Flash 4GB.
  • External memory: SD card, up to 32GB.
  • Processor: Dual Core Cortex-A7.
  • Cellular connectivity: 4G VoLTE / 3G / 2G.
  • Network providers have committed to switching off 2G networks by 2033 but have not yet provided specific dates. Vodafone and EE have switched off their 3G, with Three expected to switch off 3G by the end of 2024. O2 is planning to switch off 3G in 2025. Ofcom has more information about the 2G and 3G switch-off and how it may affect you.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 (2.4 GHz b/g/n.)
  • Bluetooth: 4.2.
  • SIM card type: nano-SIM.
  • Port for USB charging: Micro-USB.
  • Headphone port: 3.5mm.

In the box

  • Charger with micro-USB cable.
  • Charging cradle.
  • Earbuds.
  • Protective case.
  • Quick start guide.

Special order

We work with partners to deliver products on our behalf. If you’re buying a special order product, we will pass on your contact information to our partners to enable delivery. We may also quote extended delivery times, outside of our standard terms and conditions for these products.

Important – order cancellations and returns

We are unable to cancel your order once it has been placed. Should you change your mind about this special order product, you will need to accept the delivery and then contact RNIB Helpline to arrange its return; guidance on how to do this can be found in our Returns Policy.


Please retain packaging until you are sure you would like to keep the product. This product is returnable within 14 days from purchase date.


Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

RNIB Technology Support

For information or advice on technology that will be suitable for your needs, please contact our team on 0303 123 9999 and speak to one of our advisors within the Sight Loss Advice Service.

RNIB Technology Grant Scheme

This device is available to purchase with support from the RNIB Technology Grant Scheme; we are able to fund up to a maximum of £350 towards the cost of a Kapsys smartphone – additional terms and conditions apply. Other items available under the grant include video magnifiers, RNIB PenFriend 3, kitchen equipment, phones, and DAISY players. For further information, visit or call 0303 123 9999.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Minivision2+ Mobile Phone | RNIB (2024)
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